Can I manage my own settings?

If you're a non-Admin user of your portal, you can manage some of your settings from the My Settings area:

  • Profile information
  • Connections to social media platforms
  • User-level integrations with Zoom
  • Opt in / opt out settings for email notifications

Note: Any other portal settings are managed by your Admin user, or by your supplier.


How to manage your own settings

  1. Log in to your partner portal and select Settings > My Settingsportal_my_settings__menu.png
  2. Select the setting type you want to update from the left navigation bar.

    Tip: Click Save when you've finished editing each section, if you're updating multiple.

    • My Profile

      Update your name, email address and phone numbers as required.

      You can also change your password hereportal_my_settings.png

    • Social Media

      Add/update user-level connections to your social platforms. The social accounts configured here are only available to you and are not shared with other partner users.

      Enable / disable the social streams that have been made available by your supplier and confirm what level of approval is required for posts for each of the available social topics.portal_my_settings_social_media.png

      These settings are also available in the Social Settings feature page. See Social Media Settings for more information.

    • Event Integrations

      Activate and manage your user-level integration with Zoom for use in Virtual Event Campaigns. The integration is only available to you and is not shared with other partner users.portal_my_settings_integrations.png

      Note: WebEx is not available for user-level integrations.

    • Notifications

      The types of notification you are entitled to receive are listed here. Opt in or opt out of receiving notifications of each type as required.

      You can also choose the frequency at which you receive social content for approval, or use Send Now to have the content emailed to you immediately.portal_my_settings_notifications.png


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