Settings: How to Set up a Usage Profile for a CRM

Administrative Permission Required

Administrative permission is required to access the ZiftONE Settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


ZiftONE CRM Settings has four sections: General, CRM Connection, Usage Profile, and Advanced General Options.

  • The General section contains limited information that includes the CRM type, supplier name, and how to record leads.
  • The CRM Connection settings feature the CRM username, password, and security. This information is gathered from the CRM.
  • The Usage Profile determines how ZiftONE will handle leads from both marketing automation and lead distribution.
  • The Advanced General Options apply to all leads in the ZiftONE account, regardless of their origin.

In this article, we cover Usage Profile for CRM settings. The marketing automation and lead distribution options available to you depend on which CRM you use. This article covers general information about marketing automation options. For step-by-step instructions for setting up your specific CRM, see one of our integration guides.

There are two different profiles for CRM integration with ZiftONE. During the CRM integration setup, you can select to implement one or both.

  • The Marketing Automation profile synchronizes leads between ZiftONE and your CRM. This profile synchronizes leads generated through your Zift campaigns with your CRM, based on a minimum lead-score threshold that you determine. You can also have opportunities generated in your CRM with leads sent back to the supplier.
  • The Lead Distribution profile enables you to receive leads from your supplier directly in your CRM and reports back to the supplier on the status of those leads and related opportunities. Through this profile, ZiftONE pushes leads from the supplier directly into your CRM and the settings you select will permit ZiftONE to pull back updates on those leads and any opportunities generated from the leads and opportunities. These CRMs support Lead Distribution:
    • Salesforce
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Saleslink 3.5 or higher with Zift web service installation


Click to expand each section.

How to Set up the Marketing Automation Profile

From Settings > CRM Settings > Selected CRM > Usage Profile, check Marketing Automation to enable these options. Scroll down to Advanced Marketing Automation Options, click the arrow to expand the view, and complete the following settings:

  • Select Pull Contact Lists to pull contact lists created in your CRM into ZiftONE as a contact list.
  • Leads
    • When Synchronize Marketing Automation Leads is checked, events will always be synced and the lead status will always be pulled.
    • When Minimum Lead Score Threshold is checked, leads generated through ZiftONE marketing activities that are sent into your CRM must exceed this threshold before they will be created and updated in your CRM. We suggest you start with the default score of 50.
    • When Lead Field Updates is checked, ZiftONE will update lead fields in your CRM. For example, if a lead submits a form with a phone number different from the number you have for that lead in your CRM, checking Lead Field Updates allows ZiftONE to automatically update the phone number in your CRM.
  • Opportunities
    • Opportunities originating from Marketing Automation leads will pull opportunities from your CRM that are originating from leads that were sent into your CRM from Zift.
    • Opportunities with a contact that matches a lead within ZiftONE will pull opportunities from your CRM that have a contact that matches a lead by the email address that was generated from ZiftONE Marketing Automation.
    • None does not pull any opportunity information from the CRM.

How to Set up Lead Distribution

From Settings > CRM Settings > Selected CRM > Usage Profile, check Lead Distribution to enable these options. Scroll down to Advanced Lead Distribution Options, click the arrow to expand the view, and complete these settings:

  • Leads—Select the fields that should be updated in your CRM if a lead from your supplier already exists in your CRM.
    • When Synchronize Supplier Leads is checked, new leads may be created as either leads or contacts in your CRM based on the Record Leads As setting. New leads will always be created and include all information along with all marketing events.
    • When Lead Field Updates is checked, any updates that occur in ZiftONE will be updated in your CRM. As lead information is updated in your CRM, it will be provided to your supplier, including events and activities, lead status, and other profile and custom field information. You can allow supplier-specific field updates only, or allow profile and supplier-specific field updates.
    • When Send custom fields into the Notes field is checked, any updates that occur in ZiftONE for custom lead fields from the supplier will be saved in the CRM in the Notes section.
  • Opportunities
    • When Provide Distributed Lead Opportunities to Supplier is checked, you provide opportunity information from leads that are distributed from your supplier. There are different options depending on the CRM you are using for how to pull opportunities back.
      • Opportunities originating from Marketing Activity leads will pull opportunities from your CRM that originate from distributed leads sent into the CRM from ZiftONE.
      • Opportunities with a contact matching a lead within ZiftONE will pull opportunities from your CRM that have a contact that matches a distributed lead by email address.
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