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Email is the most common marketing activity used in ZiftONE. Your suppliers create and share pre-built email templates with you. Then, you personalize, schedule, and send customized emails to your contacts.

In this guide, find all the information you need to get started using emails in ZiftONE. Follow these steps straight through to send your first email with ZiftONE.

Before You Begin

Get Started

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Select a Campaign Confirm Your Email Settings Personalize Your Email Add Recipients to Your Email Schedule Your Email

1. Select a Campaign

Emails can be activated in several ways. The most common way is to activate pre-built emails through campaigns your supplier provides to you. In this article, we cover the tasks needed to activate supplier-provided emails and campaigns. For more advanced features, see Next Steps.

  1. Browse all campaigns that your supplier has made available to you.
    1. Find supplier-provided campaigns by navigating to Campaigns > Browse Campaigns.
    2. In the Browse Campaigns menu, preview campaigns by checking which tags your supplier has applied and which types of marketing activities are contained in the campaign. Learn more about this menu at About Browse Campaigns.
  2. Enable personalization by moving the campaign from the Browse Campaigns menu to the My Campaigns menu.
    1. On the campaign you want to activate, click Details.
    2. Click the activities and tactics you want to include (a heavy border around the activity indicates that the activity is selected; all are selected by default).
    3. Click Continue in the next two screens.

The email is now available in your My Campaigns menu. Once you have added a campaign to your My Campaigns list, you must complete the setup for each marketing activity inside it to officially launch the campaign. For supplier-provided emails, setup tasks include Settings, Personalization, Recipients, and Scheduling, all covered in the following steps.

 Learn more about browsing and activating campaings and at About Browse Campaigns and About My Campaigns.

2. Confirm Your Email Settings

Open the email in your My Campaigns menu to complete setup tasks. To open an email, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > My Campaigns.
  2. Find the campaign you moved from Browse Campaigns. Click the name to open the campaign details view for this campaign.
  3. Under  Mailings, click the name of an email to begin editing.
  4. Click  Edit.

The first step in the activation setup is Settings. Here, you set the name, notification email addresses, and other settings.

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Make sure that all of the information in the form is correct.
  3. Optional: If you want to receive email or SMS notifications about this mailing, enter your information under Notifications.
  4. When all information is correct, click Save & Next.

3. Personalize Your Email

When suppliers create campaigns, they build emails from templates. When working with pre-built emails, you don’t have to worry about designing layout or coding. All you have to do is personalize text and images with your own branding and give it a little personal touch.

  1. In the navigation menu for this email, click the Personalize Email tab.
  2. From here, depending on the level of control your supplier allows, you can add your own verbiage to the email, customize your call to action, add a custom logo, add your social media links, and add your own contact information. Learn more about personalizing emails at Manage Emails.
    • Make sure everything looks good. Click  Send Test to send yourself a test email. This email will not count against your mailing credits.
  3. Click Save & Next when you are finished personalizing.

Now that you’re happy with how the email looks, decide who should receive this email by specifying recipients.

4. Add Recipients to Your Email

Before You Can Add Recipients:

Before you can add recipients to an email, you should have contacts and contact lists set up in ZiftONE. Learn more about contacts at About Contacts and Manage Contacts. Learn more about contact lists at About Contact Lists and Manage Contact Lists.

Target your emails to specific customers by sending it to your contact lists.

  1. In the navigation menu for this email, click the Recipients tab.
  2. Here, you can browse  My Lists or  My Contacts. Use the search bar to find contacts and lists by name.
  3. Next to the list or contact you want to include in this mailing, click +Add.
  4. Click Save & Next when you have added all your recipients.

Now your email looks good, and you know who will receive it. All that’s left is to decide when to send it.

5. Schedule Your Email

  1. In the navigation menu for this email, click the Scheduling tab.
    • If any tasks remain unaddressed, they appear here. Review and complete these actions to enable scheduling. Click Review next to each task to complete it.
  2. Send the email immediately, or pick a future date and to send it.
    • Click Send Now to send the email right away.
    • Click Send at a specific date and time to send in the future. Use the  date and  time selectors.
  3. Click Schedule when you have set a time.

All done. Your personalized email will send to your contacts at the set time. If you provided a notification email or SMS number in step 2, you will periodically receive notifications about the status of the mailing. Check statistics like the open rate, click rate, and view rate in the email details view.

 Learn more about all of these steps and more at Manage Campaigns and Manage Emails.

Next Steps

After you get comfortable using supplier-provided emails, you may want to start creating your own. Check out these articles to learn advanced email tasks, like how to create your own emails and build and manage your own library of pre-built email templates.

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