Accounts for Deal Registration


Deal Registration is optional. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


Accounts are end customer records that suppliers add to their partner program database to facilitate deal management. Multiple partners can be associated with a single account.

Any time you close a deal with a new customer, you will need to make that customer known to the supplier. This can be done as part of the deal registration process. You will have the option to Request  New Account when you create a deal registration for a new customer. Your supplier will then need to approve the account or reject it. 

Be sure that your Account Requests meet the requirements for approval. Here are some common reasons accounts are not approved.

  • The requested account already exists. 
  • Not enough information has been provided.
  • The partner is not authorized to register deals with that account. 

Before You Begin

Intended Audience: Channel Sales Director, & Channel Operations Managers.


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Create Accounts

Accounts are records that represent an end customer. In ZiftONE, accounts allow you to associate customers with one or more partners. This allows you to reduce interference between partners. 

  1. Click Request New Account when registering a deal.
  2. Provide the following information:

    Parameter  Type  Description
    Account Name Text  Provide a meaningful name for this account. This is usually the name of the individual or business.
    Description Text  Enter the key information about this account such as industry focus, etc. 
    Type Text  This value allows you to enter account Types that are either in line with your CRM defaults or correspond to your requirements.
    Industry Text The vertical markets served by this account holder.
    SIC Code Number The Standard Industrial Classification number (USA). This is a four-digit code that designates an area of economic activity. For more information, see Standard Industrial Classification (wikipedia)
    Number of Employees  Number The approximate number of staff for this account holder. 
    Street Address Text Building number and street name of the account holder.
    City Text City where the account holder operates.
    State Text State where the holder operates. This field can also be used to enter the county, province, or other regional designations for non-USA addresses.
    Postal Code Text An alphanumeric string. The format will differ between countries.
    Country Dropdown List The country where the account holder is located. 
    Phone Number A contact phone number.
    Website Text URL of the partner's corporate webpage.
  3. Click Save.

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