How does Tele-Qualification work?


Tele-qualification is when leads are qualified by trained staff making direct calls to leads. Certain suppliers provide tele-qualification services to their partners via the ZiftONE platform as part of their marketing campaigns.

Campaigns vary by supplier, but if your supplier participates in this service, the workflow might look something like this: 


How does tele-qualification work?

If your supplier provides tele-qualification services as part of their campaigns, you can expect that your campaign will follow this process:

  1. Zift Solutions works with you to launch a multi-touch email campaign.
  2. Your email recipients complete the contact form located on a linked microsite.
  3. Once a lead is tele-qualified, an appointment notification email is automatically sent to the primary lead owner on your ZiftONE account.
  4. The tele-qualification event is added to the lead's profile in your ZiftONE account.
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