What is a social form and how do I use it?



Note: This feature is not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact. 

You have the option to include a social form with each social post sent out from ZiftONE.

A social form is a data collection page that requires anyone trying to engage with your social media posts to provide basic information about themselves.  It can be personalized to meet your needs and brand standards.

Note: Like all personal information, data collected using the social form is subject to privacy legislation. Please refer to How to gather Personal Data Consent as Mandated by GDPR.

How to Personalize the standard Social Media Form

  1. From Social Media > Social Form to personalize a standard social form.
  2. Edit any text inside the dotted lines as required.
  3. Select any of the social media options and add your URL so recipients can easily access your social media resources.
  4. Preview the form in a smartphone, tablet, and desktop widths and pixels sizes using the Width drop-down option.
  5. Publish changes to the form.
  6. Scroll down for additional personalization options, such as:
    1. Logo - You can add a logo image and resize it.
    2. Social media outlets - Show social media icons to encourage engagement.
    3. Social media URLs - Add links to your company’s social media accounts, your website URL, and your company email address.
    4. Select a background for the form by using either the provided options or uploading one of your own.
    5. Customize the text that appears in the Your Email and Your Name fields in the social form.
    6. Add a Call To Action (CTA) button to the email.
  7. Preview.
  8. Publish.
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