How do I re-authenticate my social media account in ZiftONE?

Note: Please check your browser address bar for a pop-up blocker notification if you feel the authentication was not successful. You may need to allow pop-ups for your social media providers.


In Social Media Settings, you are authorizing ZiftONE and allowing ZiftONE to post to your social media accounts on your behalf. It is important to re-authenticate when prompted to ensure no disruption in service.

Some social media platforms will require re-authentication of the connection periodically. The time frame will vary depending on the platform. LinkedIn requires re-authentication every 60 days, for example. It is important to re-authenticate when prompted to ensure there is no disruption in service.

You will receive an email notifying you that your social media account needs to be re-authenticated. Here is an example of the email notification.

How to re-authenticate social media settings

  1. From Settings > Social Media, locate the account that needs to be authenticated. It will have an orange re-authenticate button beside it, as shown in the image below: 2018-05-08_reauthenticate.png
  2. Click the Re-authenticate button. This will connect with the social media account via API.
  3. The steps to re-authenticate are not the same for all social media accounts. Follow the prompts to connect your ZiftONE account to the social media account.
  4. Once the social account is connected the screen will return to the ZiftONE social media settings.

Once you have completed the steps above, the account will have been authenticated and the orange re-authenticate button will disappear.

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