Does ZiftONE push leads or contacts to my CRM?

ZiftONE pushes either leads or contacts based on your CRM Connection setting, to view this navigate to Settings > CRM > select your CRM > Record Leads in CRM as field.

Note: Administrative permission is required to access the ZiftONE settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact. 


ZiftONE CRM Settings has four sections:

  • General CRM Connection - the general section contains limited information that includes the CRM type, supplier name, and how to record leads.
  • CRM Connection - these settings feature the CRM username, password, and security. This information is gathered from the CRM.
  • Usage Profile - this determines how Zift123 will handle your Marketing Automation leads with Advanced Marketing Automation Options and Lead Distribution leads with Advanced Lead Distribution Options.
  • Advanced General Options - these apply to all leads in the Zift123 account, regardless of their origin.

CRMs have different ways of connecting to ZiftONE:

  • Salesforce provides security keys.
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Saleslink, and SugarCRM require a WSDL URL. The information will be obtained from the CRM and will be entered in the Connection Settings for the individual CRM.
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