How do I delete, archive, or resume a campaign?


Campaigns and emails all have a status. These statuses are Active, Hold, and Archived.

When a campaign is archived all mailings scheduled for the future are cancelled and all workflows associated with the campaign are deactivated. You will need to re-schedule mailings and workflows to reactivate them. 

You cannot delete campaigns, but you can archive them to remove them from your default campaign view. Note: Only a campaign in Hold status can be archived.

Archiving an active campaign

Follow the steps below to archive and active campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > My Campaigns.
  2. Filter on Active or Paused campaigns.
  3. Select the campaign that you'd like to archive.
  4. Select Hold.  
  5. Select Archive.

You have now archived your active campaign.

Resuming an archived campaign

Follow the steps below to resume an archived campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > My Campaigns.
  2. Filter on Archived campaigns.
  3. Select the campaign you'd like to resume.
  4. Press Start.

You have now resumed your archived campaign.

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  • when i press start on archived campaign nothing happens?

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  • When unarchiving and resuming your campaign,, any mailing or activity that was scheduled in the past or in the next 24 hours will be unscheduled and will require rescheduling. Check the dates on all the activities to be sure they are current.

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