How do I search in ZiftONE?


You partner portal account may have a global search box and the majority of the pages located in ZiftONE will have a search box available to use. These are usually located in the top left or right corners.

When searching it is best to keep it simple. The global search box searches across the name, description, and tags of content.

Note About Searching with Tags: You can type marketing activities tags in the search field (Campaigns, Emails, Website Plugins, Customizable Collateral, Custom Activities) to find what is most relevant to your search. Currently, the Search function does not support Downloadable Collateral tags.

You can add more descriptive words if you are unable to find the information you require. 

You can also use search operators. Details of how these work can be found below:

  • "" The results will only include the words in the same order that is in the quotes. 
  • * The * is a placeholder for unknown characters. If you do not know how to spell the full name use just the first few letters, for example, use Ale* for Alexander.

Portal Search

The Partner Portal now has a content search for marketing and training materials. This includes the following content:

  • Campaigns
  • Customizable Collateral
  • Downloadable Collateral
  • Collateral Programs
  • Website Plugins
  • Training Content

To search the Partner Portal for content in one of the areas above do the following:

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Add your text into the search box.global_search1.gif
  3. Click Enter or the magnifying glass.

The results will appear on the Search Results page. You can now engage with the content.





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