Partner Events


The availability of this feature depends on your supplier.


Partner Events are in-person attendance events that your supplier has provided for you in ZiftONE. For example, you may see a training session to get you onboarded onto your supplier’s partner program, or a webinar to give you an overview of their products. You can get details of an event from your partner portal, register for it if the supplier has provided that option, and attend the specified location (or participate in a virtual event). Your supplier gets an overview of who’s registered and who’s attended.

An event may be based around one of the courses available in your LMS. Once you’ve attended a training course like this, your supplier can recognize your attendance and completion. You will see the course listed in your Completed Courses area (or equivalent) in the portal.

This is an example of what a Partner Events page can look like in your partner portal. The page gives you a list of the events your supplier has provided for you.



The name of the page might be different in your partner portal - your supplier decides what it is called.


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Viewing Partner Events


This topic assumes that the page is named Partner Events but this might not be the case in your partner portal - contact your supplier for information.

When you navigate to the Partner Events page in your partner portal account, you will see a list of events. By default, the list is organized by date, with the next one listed first.

You can see information about each event on the page:

  • Title and summary of the event
  • Date

Click View Event for the event you're interested in, to open it and get more information.


In the Event Details page, you may see any of this information (depending on what your supplier has provided):

  • Full information about the event
  • Date and time 
  • Location
  • Number of places currently available, or an Open Event capacity if there's no limit to the number of attendees. You will also see if the event is already fully booked.
  • Option to register (if the supplier requires registration)


Registering for an Event

If your supplier has set up registration for the event, follow these steps to register:

  1. Open the event from your Partner Events page (or equivalent)
  2. Check the current capacity for the event. If spaces are available, click Register.


  3. Depending on your supplier's requirements for registration, you will see one of these statuses:
      • Registered - if your registration is complete
      • Registration pending - if your supplier needs to approve your registration. Once they have  approved the request, your event will show the Registered status. 


  4. You receive an email once your registration is complete, which may include calendar events.

If you want to undo your registration for an event, open the event again and click Unregister.

Attending an Event and Getting Certification

After you have attended the event, your supplier will confirm your attendance.

If the event was linked to a ZiftONE training course, you will see confirmation that you’ve completed the course in your Completed Courses area of the partner portal (note: the name of the page may be different in your portal).


If you click on the course to open it, you will see confirmation that you completed it.


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