About Leads

Partners generate, nurture, and qualify leads through marketing and sales activities. ZiftONE enables visibility and tracking across the lead lifecycle. Qualified leads are a valuable resource that often end in the sale of a product. Users of ZiftONE will work with either marketing-generated or distributed leads from suppliers. What's the difference?

  • A marketing-generated lead is a lead generated by the marketing efforts of the partner. Partners create marketing activities such as emails, web plugins, or multimedia assets that are sent to a list of contacts. When a contact interacts with these activities, either by clicking a link or viewing the article, ZiftONE assigns a lead score. The lead score shows the leads that respond to marketing efforts the most. Once a contact reaches the lead score threshold, we refer to them as a lead.
  • A distributed lead is created or provided by the supplier and distributed to the partner through ZiftONE. A distributed lead comes into ZiftONE with a lead score of 50, which is the typical lead score threshold for a lead.
  • A partner user-created lead is created by manually entering lead information into ZiftONE. Partners can manually register a lead through the Add Contact form under the Contacts page or through the Lead Registration form under the Leads page.

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