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Administrative Permission Required

Administrative permission is required to access the ZiftONE Settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


Suppliers and partners can use the skills of marketing providers even when the supplier does not use Campaign Marketplace or Funds Management.  Suppliers define providers in ZiftONE. Partners can then select a provider and grant full or limited access to manage marketing tasks such as campaigns and activities. Providers can access ZiftONE to service partner accounts when partners grant them access to their accounts.


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Providers With Full Access

Access ZiftONE accounts for partners that have granted the provider full access. Full access does not include access to manage other providers on behalf of the partner. Full access includes the following:

  • Access to all tabs - Campaigns, Social Media, Collateral, Contacts, Analytics, and Settings.
  • View lists of partners that they work with and the level of access granted.
  • View, sort, and filter by the supplier.
  • Search for partners.
  • View, sort, and filter by provider access level.
  • Use a combination of the provider's and partner's contacts for campaign execution.
  • Receive a notification that a partner has selected the provider.

Full access can only be granted to a single provider at any given time.

Providers with Limited On Behalf Of Access 

This level of access allows the provider to create and execute a campaign or activity on behalf of the partner. The management of the campaign happens inside the provider's own ZiftONE account. This allows the provider to use their own contacts and lists without exposing the details to the partner. Additionally, providers can use partner-provided lists without having visibility into the individual contacts in the list. All leads generated by the campaign will be shared with the partner, regardless of the source.

Provider with limited/On Behalf Of Access (OBO) can:

  • View, sort, and filter by the supplier.
  • Search for partners.
  • View, sort, and filter by providers access level.
  • Use a combination of the provider's and partner's contacts for campaign execution.
  • Receive a notification that a partner has selected the provider.

Multiple providers can be granted this permission concurrently.

You can do the following in the Provider page:

  • Search the list of available providers to locate a provider. 
  • Select a provider to see it's full profile: provider name, logo, address, description, and suppliers that provider is approved to work with.

Grant a Provider Access to your ZiftONE Account

Once you have selected a provider to perform work for you, you may either designate it as your provider of record by granting it Full Access or On Behalf Of access to perform a specific activity on your behalf.

  1. From Settings, select Providers.
  2. From the Action column, select the gear drop-down.
  3. Select either Grant Full Account Access, Grant On Behalf of Access, or Remove Access.
  4. In the Provider Permission window, select to Continue or Cancel.
  5. When the provider permission is changed notification is sent to the partner. Partner Access Modified notifications are sent whenever a provider:
    • Is granted OBO. 
    • Is granted Full Access.
    • Is promoted from OBO to Full Access.
    • Is demoted from Full Access to OBO.
    • Has OBO or Full Access rights revoked. 

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