How do I reformat my Deltek Vision CRM export?

To reformat your Deltek Vision CRM export so that you can successfully import contact lists into ZiftONE, please follow the steps below and upload the list:

  1. In Microsoft Excel, clear all formats by selecting Clear > Clear Formats (found under the Home > Edit menu option).
  2. Remove any contacts without an email address.
  3. Use text to columns feature in MS Excel to break up fields with multiple email addresses into single email addresses.
  4. Remove invalid email addresses using the Remove Duplicates feature in MS Excel (found under the Data menu option) to de-dupe list. 
  5. Remove role based email addresses (admin@, infor@, etc.).
  6. Remove the line breaks on the header row. If the list does not upload, delete the header row and re-add it deleting all unnecessary columns.

After completing these steps and re-uploading the list, you will have reformatted your Deltek Vision CRM export.

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