Notification: Lead Distribution


ZiftONE automatically sends notifications about lead activity to any of these, depending on your lead configuration:

  • Assigned partner user for a lead
  • Additional Lead Notification Recipients set by the supplier
  • Partner users set up to receive Default Lead Notifications in Settings > Lead Management
  • Sales reps

The notifications can be customized by your administrator via portal settings.

Lead Notification

The Lead Notification email is a partner-facing email that meets several needs. It can be a lead notification email, lead update request email, opportunity update request, or a process complete email. These emails are triggered for distribution in the following ways:

  • When your supplier wants to remind partners of a Pending lead.
  • When a new lead is distributed to a partner by your supplier.
  • When a new lead is distributed to a partner via a PRM/CRM.
  • When a lead has an opportunity registered for it.
  • When a lead is created from an activity.


Your notification may look different, depending on your supplier's settings. If you have questions regarding your notification, please reach out your supplier point of contact.

Lead Rejected Notification

The lead rejection notification is sent to your supplier when you reject a lead, to give them more information about why you rejected it. Rejection may be the result of insufficient information on the lead to pursue it further. 

This feature may not be enabled on your system.

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