Notification: Custom Activity Orders


ZiftONE automatically sends notifications to the partner or the provider so both parties know the status of the order. The notifications are New Order, Quote Requested, New Quote Received, New Comments, Order Completed, and Order Canceled. The notifications can be customized by your administrator. Here are some examples. 

New Order

A new order has been submitted by a partner to a provider. This may be done via a quote request and acceptance as well as just as a normal submission.


Quote Requested

A partner has sent a request for quotes for the activity to one or more providers. The user triggers this notification by clicking Request Quotes after selecting the provider.


New Quote Received

A provider has submitted a quote for approval by the partner. The user triggers this notification by clicking Save after creating a quote.


New Comments

A comment is placed on an order by the supplier, the provider or the partner. The system checks hourly to see if new comments are on the order if so a notification is triggered.



Order Cancelled

A provider has canceled the work on an order. The notification is triggered when the provider moves an order into the canceled status.


Order Complete

The provider completed work on the activity.



Order Incomplete

An order was started but not finished. The partner and PMM will see this message if an order has been in draft for 24 hours.


 New Participant Added

A new participant was added to a custom activity. You can do this in via Contacts. 


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