SugarCRM Integration Guide

Administrative Permission Required

Administrative permission is required to access the ZiftONE Settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


While ZiftONE can be deployed independently, integrating it with your existing infrastructure can enhance the impact and value of the total solution. To streamline integration, ZiftONE has pre-built connectors to many third-party CRMs.

In this article, we walk you through the full setup process for integrating your SugarCRM with ZiftONE.

Before You Begin

Before you begin setting up your SugarCRM integration, you should be familiar with the topics covered in these articles.

Integration Steps

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Step 1: Configure SugarCRM to Accept Leads from ZiftONE

To send leads or contacts from ZiftONE to SugarCRM, set the lead source field in SugarCRM to ZiftONE. Before ZiftONE setup, you will need to create a new drop-down value in SugarCRM.

  1. Log in to SugarCRM with administrative access.
  2. In the Developer Tools section, select Studio.
  3. Expand the Leads folder in the left-hand column.
  4. Select Fields.
  5. Select the lead_source field.
  6. Click Add on the lead_source_dom drop-down List.
  7. Enter ZiftONE on the Item Name and Display Label fields.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Click Save at the top of the page.

Step 2: Retrieve WSDL Credentials from SugarCRM

When completing the ZiftONE CRM Settings in step 3, you will verify your SugarCRM credentials with a WSDL URL provided by SugarCRM. To obtain your WSDL login credentials, follow these steps.

  1. Enter your unique SugarCRM domain URL that you copied from your CRM. Note: You must add /web to the end of the URL. Example:
  2. Save and Test CRM Connection

Step 3: Configure CRM settings and Setup in ZiftONE

To configure CRM Settings in ZiftONE, follow these steps:

  1. In ZiftONE, navigate to Settings > CRM Settings.
  2. Click Edit Settings next to SugarCRM.
  3. Complete all settings for each of these categories: General Settings, CRM Connection Settings, Usage Profile Settings, and Advanced General Options.

SugarCRM General Settings

  1. Select a supplier from the drop-down list.
  2. Choose whether to record new leads in the CRM as leads or as contacts.
    • What you set here influences your settings in Advanced Lead Distribution Options.

SugarCRM CRM Connection Settings

  1. Provide your SugarCRM username.
  2. Provide your SugarCRM password.
  3. Provide the WSDL URL you obtained in Step 2: Retrieve WSDL Credentials from SugarCRM.
    • At this point, you can click Save and Test CRM Connection to verify that your SugarCRM login information and WSDL URL are correct. Return to this menu to complete the remaining settings.

SugarCRM Usage Profile Settings

  1. Check Marketing Automation to synchronize leads between ZiftONE and your CRM, based on a minimum lead-score threshold that you determine. You can also have opportunities generated in your CRM with leads sent back to the supplier.

    To configure your marketing automation profile settings, scroll down and click Advanced Marketing Automation Options. Provide the following information:

    • Contacts
      • Check Pull Contacts to pull contact lists created in your CRM into ZiftONE as a contact list.
    • Leads
      • Check Synchronize Marketing Automation Leads and events will always be synced and the lead status will always be pulled.
      • Set a minimum lead score threshold. Leads generated through ZiftONE marketing activities that are sent into your CRM must exceed this threshold before they will be created and updated in your CRM. We suggest you start at ZiftONE's default score of 50.
      • Decide if you want ZiftONE to perform lead field updates in your CRM. For example, if a lead submits a form with a phone number different from the number you have for that lead in your CRM, this setting allows ZiftONE to automatically update the phone number in your CRM.
    • Opportunities
      • Check Opportunities with a contact that matches a lead within ZiftONE to pull opportunities from your CRM that have a contact that matches a lead by email address that was generated from ZiftONE Marketing Automation.
  2. Check Lead Distribution to receive leads from your supplier directly in your CRM and reports back to the supplier on the status of those leads and related opportunities. Through this profile, ZiftONE will push leads from the supplier directly into your CRM and the settings you select will permit ZiftONE to pull back updates on those leads and any opportunities generated from the leads and opportunities.

    To configure your lead disctribution profile settings, scroll down and click Advanced Lead Distribution Options. Provide the following information:

    • Leads
      • Check Synchronize Supplier Leads create new leads as either leads or contacts in your CRM based on the Record Leads As setting you set in General Settings. New leads will always be created and include all information along with all marketing events.
      • Decide if you want ZiftONE to perform lead field updates in your CRM. As lead information is updated in your CRM, it will be provided to your supplier, including events and activities, lead status, and other profile and custom field information.
    • Opportunities
      • Check Opportunities with a contact matching a lead within ZiftONE to pull opportunities from your CRM that have a contact that matches a distributed lead by email address.

SugarCRM Advanced General Options

  • Leads
    • Lead Event Types
      • Select the lead event types to update in your CRM. We can update email open, email click, email unsubscribe, web plugin view, web plugin click, form submission, telequalification event, SMS delivered, SMS click, supplier event, and link conversion.

        Data from ZiftONE appears in the Notes and Activities fields in your CRM. We can pull the following data from your CRM: subject, activity type, activity status, priority and due date for each event.

    • Lead Status Mapping

When all settings have been completed, click Save.

Step 4: Turn the Integration on in ZiftONE

Your SugarCRM integration is active when you turn the integration on in ZiftONE.

Make sure you clicked Save after completing all setting in step 3.

To turn on your SugarCRM integration in ZiftONE, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings > CRM Settings view, find SugarCRM in the list of CRMs.
  2. Next to the name of the CRM, click On.

If SugarCRM or ZiftONE experience any connection errors, an error message will appear under the SugarCRM information telling you what actions to take.

About SugarCRM and ZiftONE Integration

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How Do SugarCRM and ZiftONE Work Together?

  • The SugarCRM allows users to accept or reject leads directly within the CRM.
  • Distributed leads will sync with the SugarCRM whether or not they have been accepted in ZiftONE or within the notification email.
  • Distributed leads will sync with the SugarCRM almost immediately after being distributed by the supplier. Other data will update nightly.
  • If the SugarCRM is connected to Zift, and lead distribution is selected with CRM settings, the default lead owners will still continue to receive lead notification emails.

About Leads in SugarCRM

  • Once Auto pull leads and contacts from CRM is enabled, ZiftONE will begin importing/pulling leads with an email address from SugarCRM on a nightly basis.
  • ZiftONE Leads that exceed the lead score threshold, typically set at 50, will be sent on a nightly basis to SugarCRM.
  • All leads or contacts that are sent from ZiftONE to SugarCRM will set the lead source field to ZiftONE.
  • Web click, web view, and email open activities will be created as lead marketing events in ZiftONE on a nightly basis. This information is stored in the Notes tab in SugarCRM.
  • Leads will include all standard lead contact fields such as name, address, title, and email.
  • Marketing activities from ZiftONE will be on the Notes page if you have selected CRM Settings > Advanced Lead Distribution Options > Send customer fields into the Notes.
  • Leads will be matched to existing leads in SugarCRM based on email address. Once a lead has been sent into SugarCRM or already exists in SugarCRM, none of the standard information will be updated or modified in any way; only new marketing activities will be added.
  • For SugarCRM, ZiftONE can send leads as leads or contacts. See Settings > SugarCRM > General Settings > Record Leads in CRM as, for how your system is set up.

You will receive an email notification that the CRM is Active. 


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