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  • New partner accounts must typically accept the Zift Solutions Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) within 30 days of their first user (any role) logging in. Failure to do so may result in a suspended account.
  • Additionally, you may have a set of T&Cs that your suppliers require you to accept before participating in their channel program. It is presented to all new partners and is required to accept before being allowed to access the partner portal. 

The Terms and Conditions of Service ensure that Zift Solutions and our customers meet the high standard of data privacy protection introduced by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect in May 2018.  You can see the complete document on our website,  Zift Solutions Terms and Conditions

Note about Sensitive Partner Data:

Sensitive data (such as names of accounts/leads/social media contacts) that a partner inputs into the platform does not get shared with the supplier. Suppliers are able to see aggregated metrics relating to a partner’s use of the platform, for example, the number of social posts that a partner executed; but are unable to see identifiable information unless a partner chooses to share that data with them, for example, by registering a lead. This is set out in our terms of service, the last paragraph of section 5, as available online here. The wording sets out that a Customer will only process this data if a Partner shares the data with them.

Partners will be shown the Terms and Conditions of Use (linked below). There are two options for partners to accept provided T&Cs, your supplier decides which method to use:

  1. Account Administrator accepts the T&Cs on behalf of all users.

    The Administrator sees a checkbox on their login screen to confirm that they accept the T&Cs.

    Non-administrators can either Continue to the application (without accepting the T&Cs) or Alert Account Administrator.

    Here is a sample Terms and Conditions of Use, as shown to a non-Admin user.


    When Alert Account Administrator is clicked, an email is sent to the account Administrator.

    A message appears to the users to explain that the Administrator has been alerted to accept the T&Cs.


    This is an example of the email that is sent to the Account Administrator.


    The Administrator can review and approve the T&Cs on behalf of the whole partner organization.

  2. All users approve the T&Cs themselves

    Every user, including the Administrator, sees a checkbox on their login screen to confirm that they accept the T&Cs before proceeding to log in.

Your supplier may have requested that acceptance of T&Cs automatically opts you in to receiving communications from them. You can change your opt-in preferences in My Settings > Notifications, if required. For more information, see Can I manage my own settings?.

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