Lead Management

Administrative Permission Required

Administrative permission is required to access the ZiftONE Settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


ZiftONE Channel Sales features include Partner Locator, Deal Registration. Lead Distribution, Lead Registration, and Opportunity & Pipeline Management. Qualified leads are a valuable resource that often results in the sale of a product or service. Partners qualify leads through sales marketing activities within campaigns with ZiftONE enabling visibility and tracking across the lead lifecycle.

Lead Management settings for your partner portal automate some of the processes of lead management, helping you gain efficiency and save time:

  • Auto-registration rules automate the process of registering leads to supplier organizations quickly, based on compliant rule sets. When lead auto-registration is enabled, new lead registrations are processed when leads are created or updated using supplier or partner-managed auto-registration rules. Note: The lead registration process does not comb through the pre-existing leads in the partner account.
  • When leads are distributed from suppliers, you can turn on lead Auto-Accept to automatically accept leads and allow them to flow from your supplier directly into your CRM without intervention or additional clicks.
  • Default lead notifications allow you to designate which partner users and/or sales reps should receive email notifications that are automatically routed in support of lead management.

The procedures below explain how to configure your lead management processes.


Click on the + to expand the instructions for the desired task.

Auto-Register Leads with Your Supplier

Automatically register any new or updated leads with suppliers if they match pre-defined criteria. Registering leads shares the lead details with the supplier on the ZiftONE platform and any integrated systems, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Any leads that are associated with companies you have ignored will not be auto-registered. You can ignore companies in the Companies page.

  1. Navigate to Settings from your profile menu (top right of ZiftONE window)
  2. Click Lead Management
  3. Go to Auto-Registration. By default, it is set to Off.  
  4. To use the rules that your supplier configures on your behalf, select Supplier Managed. You can click show rules to show what is currently in place.
  5. To use your own rules, select Define My Own Rules.
  6. Click show rules to open the rule definition section.
  7. Click Add new group of rules. Each group of rules is treated as a single OR condition and will only evaluate to true when all of the rules in the group apply to the lead.
  8. Create a rule by selecting the conditions to evaluate from the dropdown lists.
  9. [Optional] Click Add new rule and repeat to define more rules in this group (joined by an AND operator - all individual rules in the group must match for the group to match). 
  10. [Optional] Click Add new group of rules to an alternative set of conditions.  A lead will only be registered if all of the rules in one or more groups are true. 
  11. Click Save.


If there are conditions that must be met for all leads, you should add these as a rule to each rule group you define. 

Auto-Accept Leads

To improve efficiency, you can configure ZiftONE to automatically accept leads for you. This allows the leads to immediately be passed on to other systems such as your CRM without requiring any manual intervention. 

When leads are auto-accepted, Lead Notification emails will be sent to the partner users and/or sales reps assigned under Default Lead Notifications.

  1. Navigate to Settings from your profile menu (top right of ZiftONE window)
  2. Click Lead Management
  3. Go to Auto-Accept.
  4. Check the box against any suppliers whose leads you want to accept automatically. 

Default Users to Receive Lead Notification Emails

To facilitate optimal lead management, ZiftONE allows you to designate which partner users and/or sales reps should automatically receive lead notification emails from your supplier. This allows you to channel leads from each supplier to a single person - they will receive email notifications about new leads and can reassign the leads appropriately.

  1. Navigate to Settings from your profile menu (top right of ZiftONE window)
  2. Click Lead Management
  3. Go to Default Lead Notifications.
  4. [Optional] Click add user or add sales rep to add a new person to the list of email recipients.
  5. In Assigned by supplier, note that the supplier has nominated a default user to receive lead notification emails. 

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