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This feature is optional.  The Deal Registration functionality is highly configurable and you should work with your supplier to achieve your goals.


Deal registration is a mechanism to allow you to tell suppliers when you have identified and are developing a new deal. A deal is similar to an opportunity but packaged with more detail such as an explicit budget, time frame, requirements, and an identified contact who has the authority to finalize the transaction. 

As a partner, deal registration is a critical element in nurturing your relationship with suppliers. An optimal deal registration process will increase your pipeline visibility and lessen the risk of poaching by another partner or the supplier's internal sales team. 

When you register deals with the supplier early in the sales cycle, it allows them to anticipate resource needs and product volumes. Alerting your supplier to a deal is an act of trust and it is their responsibility to mitigate your concerns by protecting your claim on the deal. The principal concern for partners is that by revealing a developing deal, they may see it poached either by the supplier's internal sales team or another partner.  The deal registration process should prevent that by formally attributing ownership of the deal to the partner who registered it. The value to you and the supplier of a well-managed deal registration process is to maximize revenue while minimizing channel conflict.

While suppliers do not have visibility of your contact lists, they will be able to see the contact associated with a Deal Registration. This allows them to know who you are working with and to avoid assigning another partner to that contact which would create conflict. 

If your supplier allows you to enter deal registration details, they will need to approve or reject the deals as they are submitted. 

Before You Begin

You will only be able to register deals if the supplier has made the Deals feature page available in the partner portal. 


Click + to expand the section.

About the Deals View

To view all your Deals, navigate to Deals. This page shows deals created by you or your supplier. You can use the filters on the left to reduce the number of items in the list or click the buttons to sort the data.

You can also use the Distributed filter in the left sidebar to distinguish between deals distributed by your supplier (Yes) and deals you've registered yourself (No).

In this view, you can see this information:

Parameter  Type  Description
Deal Name  Text 

The name of the deal.

Click on the name to display the details of the deal.

Value Number

The total expected value of the deal, or the sum of the line items included in the deal.

This column also shows the Deal Type associated with the deal listing. Deal Types are created by the supplier to categorize the unique requirements of deals.

Create Date  Date The date on which the deal was entered.
Close Date  Date The date on which you expect the deal to be finalized.
Status  Date The deal's current status in the deal negotiation process.

Example of the Deals page:


About the Deal Detail View

To view the details of specific deals, navigate to the Deals page (or equivalent). Click into the name of the deal to view its details.

The Deal Registration detail view includes a progress bar indicating the state of the deal. Note: The progress bar is not shown when the deal has been rejected.


You can view this information about a deal, or edit the values using the Edit Deal option:

Parameter  Type  Description
Deal Name Text  The name of the deal.
Deal Type Dropdown List

The deal type (read only).

Deal Types are created by the supplier to categorize the unique requirements of deals.

This read only field is shown on the Deal Details and Deal Edit views for submitted Deals.

Currency Number

The currency for the deal.

Your supplier controls what currencies are made available to you.

Account Text 

The customer account purchasing this deal.

Select an account from the list or type in the name to be shown suggestions.

If the account you are looking for does not exist, you can submit an account request. 

When viewing the Deal, click the View link to access details of a linked account.

Total Value Number The total expected value of the deal, or the sum of the line items included in the deal.
Estimated Close Date Date Selector  The date when you expect the deal to be finalized.
Stage Dropdown List

The deal's current stage in the sales process, for example Closed Won.

Probability %  Number

How far in the deal negotiations this deal has progressed, expressed as a percentage. A higher value indicates the deal is closer to closing. 

This value is populated with the default probability value of the specified Stage, but you can change it if required.

Sales Rep Dropdown List

The sales rep assigned to this deal.

Description Text  Provide additional details, such as what the deal will include or require. For example, if you know how many units of a particular product will be purchased through this deal, provide this information for the supplier. 
Custom Fields Varies

Custom Fields are custom data items that your supplier wants to collect from you.

The fields available here vary by supplier.

 Attachments File Upload

The files attached to the deal. Both you and your supplier can upload and access these files.

  • Up to 10 files can be uploaded per deal.
  • Each file must be 50MB or less.
  • Supported file types include .doc, .docx, .txt, .csv, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ods, .odt, .odp, .odg, .ics, .rtf, and .mp4

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