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The availability of this feature depends on your supplier.


User Achievements are tangible accomplishments set by your supplier that you can complete to earn points in the partner portal. User Achievements are earned at the user level, meaning that each user in a partner’s organization completes their own Achievements and their progress is tracked separately in their partner user account.

Each Achievement is earned by completing specific criteria, such as sending an email or completing a certification and is associated with a certain number of points as a reward for completion.

Some User Achievements are repeatable, meaning you can earn points each time you complete the specified criteria on that User Achievement. 

This is an example of what a User Achievements page can look like in the partner portal. The page shows you at a glance which Achievements you've completed (full color entry) and which you have yet to achieve (gray entry)



The name of the page might be different in your partner portal - your supplier decides what it is called.


Click on the + to expand the instructions for the desired task.

Viewing User Achievements


This topic assumes that the page is named User Achievements but this might not be the case in your partner portal - contact your supplier for information.

When you navigate to the User Achievements page in your partner portal account, you will see a list of User Achievements available for you to complete, as well as details about your progress. There are also some sorting/filtering options. By default, the list is organized by Name in ascending order.

The page provides this general information:


Some User Achievements are grayed out and some are shown in full color. The Achievements you’ve already completed are shown in full color. The ones in gray are ones you still have to do.

You can see information about each User Achievement on the page:


Completing a User Achievement

Unlike activities such as Campaigns or Certifications, User Achievements do not have to be activated before completing them. Simply complete the specified task listed on the User Achievement to complete it and earn points.


You must complete an Achievement within its effective dates (if applicable) to get credit for it. If you complete a task for a User Achievement before the effective date has begun, it will not count towards the User Achievement.

Once you complete the specified task(s), you can return to the User Achievements page. You should see the completed User Achievement in color, with the points you’ve earned by completing it added to your total earned points. You can filter the list by Achievement Status = Completed if required.

If the Achievement doesn’t show as completed, click Sync Progress to refresh the page.


You will also receive a message in your partner portal confirming that you have completed a User Achievement and earned the specified number of points. Click your profile icon then select Messages to see all your recent messages. Filter the inbox by Message Type = Achievement if necessary.

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