About Tier Programs

Tier Programs provide a clear framework for your growth within your supplier’s ecosystem, and allow you track your ongoing performance against a specified set of goals set by your supplier.

A supplier can provide a tier system to help them recognize and reward partners, provide a clear path for partner growth, motivate higher performance and improve partner engagement.

The Tier Program view in the partner portal provides an overview of the tier program you’re participating in.


  • The availability of this feature is dependent on your supplier.

  • Content and page names in your partner portal may vary based on your supplier’s settings.

This is an example of how the Tier Program view might be displayed in your partner portal:


In this view you can monitor your progress in your supplier’s tier program:

  • View the tier you’re currently working in (Your Tier)

  • View the targets your supplier has set for the tiers in their program

  • Monitor your performance against the targets in your current tier, and previous tiers you’ve achieved

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