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The availability of this feature depends on your supplier.


Your supplier may want to share information with you, or ask you to provide information, that is not usually available as standard in ZiftONE. For example, they might ask you to complete a Partner Q&A. ZiftONE provides a portal page to exchange custom information in this way - the page is named Custom Object Listing as a default, but it could be named anything - it will probably named after the type of information being made available there.

For example, here a supplier has set up a page to give partners the opportunity to submit customer case studies, and view ones that have already been provided.



The name of the page might be different in your partner portal - your supplier decides what it is called. The examples in this topic assumes that the Custom Object Listing page is named Case Study.

The purpose of the Custom Object Listing page is for you to submit information of the requested type to your supplier, for example case studies, requests for demo unit, warranty registrations, and so on. Your supplier decides what type of information they want from you.

When you send a piece of information of the requested type, it is called a submission. 

Each submission has a link that can be shared - this supports a collaborative view, review and edit of these pieces of information.


Click on the + to expand the instructions for the desired task.

Creating a Submission

To submit information of the type requested:

  1. In the portal page, click Create. The form that your supplier has provided to help you submit this type of information opens.

  2. Complete the fields in the form as required (the form indicates which are optional)
  3. Click Save.


The submission is added to the top of the list in the page. It may have a status of Pending, if your supplier has requested that all submissions must be approved by them. If not, the submission is immediately given a status of Approved.


Pending submissions will be updated when they have been approved by the supplier.

Editing/Resubmitting a Submission

To resubmit information of the type requested:

  1. In the portal page, click on the submission you want to edit. The create form opens, displaying the information that has already been submitted.

  2. Update the fields in the form as required.
  3. Click Save.

Customizing your View of the Submissions List

You can decide which fields from the custom information type you want to see in the list of submissions, and the order in which they should be shown. For example, the screenshot below shows the listing set up to show the Name, Status, and Created fields:

  1. In the Custom Object Listing page, click the Column Configuration button.


  2. In Configure Columns, arrange the fields you want to see in the listing:
    • Use the + and - buttons to move fields between Included (in the listing) and Excluded (not in the listing).
    • Drag and drop the fields in Included into the required order.


  3. Click Save.

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