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ZiftONE Academy is a resource of help documents with step-by-step instructions for using ZiftONE. Academy content includes written instructions, images, animations, and links to narrated videos. No matter your learning style, we have something for you.

In this article, we show you how to use the Academy site to find answers to all your ZiftONE questions.

First Time? Get Started Here

For new ZiftONE users, the best approach to learning is our Get Started guides. These guides provide a high-level overview with step-by-step instructions to start the most important processes for setting up your account and using ZiftONE’s most powerful features. We recommend the following guides in this order:

  1. Get Started Setting up Your Portal
  2. Get Started with Contacts and Contact Lists
  3. Get Started with Emails
  4. Get Started with Campaign Marketplace

In each step of a Get Started guide, look for  Learn more to find links to more extensive instructions for each feature.

At the end of each guide, look for Next Steps to learn about more advanced features available in ZiftONE.

How to Find Information in the Academy

There are two ways to find content in the Academy: use the search bar or browse all our articles. If you’re looking for information on a particular feature (such as  Campaigns,  Emails, or  Web Plugins), try browsing all of our articles in that section. If you're not sure, try a search of all academy content using the search bar.


Our help and training resources are written to the standard feature names and navigation. Your supplier can tell you where they have customized the names and navigation.

Search the Academy

Use the search bar to find information and answers to specific questions. You can find the search bar in two locations:

On the Academy homepage:


In any academy article:


Enter your search term in the search bar. A list of suggested topics is presented as you type:


Select one of the topics from the list if they are suitable. If not, hit ENTER to continue with the full search. All articles matching your search term are presented as results.

For best search results, use keywords wherever possible. Avoid using full sentences as this may generate inappropriate results.

Here are some examples of common questions, and how to phrase the search to achieve best results. Click the links to get the results.

Question Recommended Search Phrase
how can I delete emails from my ziftone portal page? delete emails
if I want to get rid of a campaign how do I do that? archive campaigns
How can I put a new email inside a campaign I already have? how to add an email to a campaign
If I am editing an email, how can I put a background image into it? add background images to emails

Browse the Academy

Academy content is organized by feature bundle. For example, all instructions related to using collateral are found in the  Collateral section of the academy. If you know the feature you want to learn about, click Guides and find the feature bundle you want to browse.


In most articles, you will find Overview, Before You Begin, Content, and Related Topics sections. The Content section is divided into collapsible sections - click the + to expand the section and see all the content.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are great for a quick answer or when trying to understand a single concept. Our FAQs are created and answered by ZiftONE experts based on user questions and industry trends. 

Under Resources > Channel Educationwe have captured channel marketing best practices from Zift Solutions experts as well as industry experts. From Facebook to content syndication, we cover best practices that can improve your knowledge of Channel Best Practices and industry standards.

The What's New section gives you a brief high-level description of new features, enhancements, and other improvements we’ve added to ZiftONE.

Can't Find what You're Looking For?

If you've browsed our academies and can't find answer to your question, click ? > Contact Support in your portal to get in touch with your designated Partner Support.

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